5 Kitchen Trends

Kitchens have come a long way in design and functionality.  They will always be at the top of the list for most popular renovation projects, and it’s no wonder, kitchen innovation is one of the fastest growing areas of the home.  Here are a few innovative ways to change up your kitchen in 2022.

Large Windows

Having a large window in your kitchen will create a spacious and fresh feel by enhancing the natural light and brightening the space. 

Minimize Upper Cabinets

Invest in a large walk-in pantry to accommodate a variety of kitchen appliances and dishware. This will minimize the number of upper cabinets you require, contributing to a more streamlined appearance and flow.

Pantry Plug-In

Add a dedicated area in your pantry for small appliances that can be plugged in.  Moving items such as your coffee maker or toaster will contribute to minimal counter clutter and enhance your workspace.  Make sure to work with a certified electrician when considering this addition, as there are special code requirements for electrical outlets in enclosed spaces.   

Dish Drawer

Look to incorporate lower drawers for your dishes, as they are more versatile.  Using a Peg Organizer can prevent dishes from moving around and keep them organized. 

Hanging Shelf

Integrate a hanging shelf over your island for everyday dishware.  They will always be available and minimize cupboard space, keeping an open feel to your kitchen. 

A kitchen is often the heart of your home, so consider these unique design ideas to make your space as versatile as possible!