A Garden Fit For a Fairy

Fairy gardens have been trending for several years now, though they have been around for over 100 years. Our family has had one for a couple of summers, but this year we decided to add to our garden some unique items we have made ourselves.

Fairy doors are said to be the gateway between our world and theirs; so be sure to include at least one if your garden. This year we made a beautiful door out of a horse shoe, popsicle sticks and embellishments like buttons and shale rock. We created the shape of the horse show out of the popsicle sticks and glued them together. Once set, we painted it and then glued it to the back of the horse shoe, trimming the excess sticks. Then it was time to decorate! We added a button for the door knob, a piece from an old belt as a window and a piece of rock to put a number above the door. The cost for a door like this will run you around $10.

I love how the little tire swing for our fairies turned out! We used the tire from an old toy truck and hung it with twine. Easy as that and a super cute addition to any fairy garden! We created another style of swing out of twine and branches. Use a stick in the shape of a wish bone to hold the swing. Then wrap your twine around a twig and hang from either side. Another beautiful addition to any fairy garden!

To make a twig chair for your garden, cut 8 pieces of twig, 1” long (4 for the seat; 2 for the backrest; 2 for front legs). Line up 4 of those twigs and glue them to 2 pieces that are 1 ¼” long. The longer end pieces will stick out the back of the chair for now. Now glue your 2 front leg pieces on. Use 2 twigs that are 2” long for the back legs/ backrest. Finish by gluing the remaining 2 – 1” pieces to the back of the chair, to complete the backrest. These make a unique touch to any fair y garden!

As we sat at the table making our fairy garden creations, we came up with so many other fun ideas with our supplies that were in front of us like tents and fairy signs! No matter if you buy your fairy garden items or make them, just have fun with it!