A Legacy of Excellence

With a rich history spanning over three decades, KM Construction has recently undergone a significant transition as Keith Barkman’s oldest son, Kyle, and his wife, Tara, step up as joint owners. Bringing in the next generation is not just a continuation but an evolution of the business, poised to embrace new opportunities and challenges.

One of the pillars of KM Construction’s success has been its experienced workforce. Most employees boast an impressive 10 to 20 years of building expertise, ensuring that every project undertaken is executed with precision and skill. This wealth of experience, combined with a dedication to quality, has earned KM Construction a sterling reputation in the local community and beyond.

The addition of Keith’s youngest son, Grant, to the team, heralds a new chapter in the company’s journey, infusing it with fresh ideas and perspectives while upholding the core values instilled by previous generations. As KM Construction gears up to celebrate its 33rd year in business this fall, it does so with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor.

Traditionally, Ready-to-Move Homes (RTM) are known as a smaller, more economical housing option, KM Construction is now setting new standards by venturing into the realm of larger, more luxurious dwellings. Character homes spanning 2000 square feet and beyond have become commonplace, many of them featuring attached garages for added convenience and functionality. This shift reflects the evolving needs and desires of homeowners, with KM Construction steadfastly committed to meeting and exceeding their expectations.

RTM homes have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, thanks to their affordability, customizable designs, and efficient construction process. By collaborating closely with homeowners, KM Construction ensures no detail is left out, allowing homeowners to embark on their new beginnings with peace of mind.