A Stone Above the Rest

Your landscape not only gives your home curb appeal, but it can also be designed to give you an outdoor living space for you and your family. 

In recent years, people realize that their outdoor space is very valuable and functional. More time is being spent outdoors in their yards, and people are making the most of their space. No longer are backyards just grass and trees, they now include stone patios, built-in outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, along with pergolas and outdoor areas separated by stone retaining walls. Outdoor kitchens now have the options to include a mini fridge, sink and side burners. A task like this may seem overwhelming, so talk to the professionals at Alternative Landscaping Ltd. to help get you started on your vision. 

To create the ideal outdoor living space for your family, you have to work with your landscape. The size, slope and shape of your yard will help dictate what your options are. This is where the professionals will be able to give you the best advice from their years of knowledge, experience and up to date software.  You can receive 3D images of your yard before a stone is even turned, giving you the confidence in your project. 

There are many styles of stone when it comes to outdoor projects that can really change the look. The Belvedere stone by Barkman is a popular stone to give you that aged, more natural look. This stone can be used for pillars, firepits and retaining walls. For a more modern look with clean lines, the Zenwall by Belgard is a great option for a retaining wall. Both are available at Alternative Landscaping, along side a large selection of stone for any outdoor project. 

While focussing on the function and structure of your outdoor living space, don’t forget about the softscape. This includes all living elements of your space and can really tie everything together.  Shrubs and perennials help soften up your space and add some colour, while trees can help create more zones, as well as privacy. These elements are not to be overlooked when building a cohesive outdoor living space. -DYH