Backyard Retreat

You can create a stress-free outdoor space that is comfortable, convenient and low-maintenance. It’s easier than you may think.

Follow these Steps:

Set the Stage
Start with a focal point, such as a patio. Look for the ideal location in your backyard to build one. It could be under shade trees, by the fence or closer to the house.

Hiring a local company to prep the area and pour the pad is ideal. Work with them on choosing the right size of pad for your patio. Keep in mind what you want to put on it, a patio set, fire pit and lawn chairs, or an outdoor living room set. Make sure your pad is large enough to accommodate your furniture.

A good idea is to map out the area with rope and set the stage to get a feel for the size. As it is a more permanent piece in your backyard, make sure you are happy with its placement and size. Now the stage is set.

Shrubs and Greenery
A beautiful way to enhance your new patio is to surround parts of it with greenery and shrubs. Choose plants that are low maintenance and that will enhance the living space with little or no effort. Make sure you pay attention to the mature size of the shrub and plant accordingly. Also pay attention to the aroma of the plant. You may not want something smelling too strong around the patio, opt for plants with lighter to no scents as you will be close to them. Stay away from poisonous plants . As you will be spending time in this space, so will your pets and children.

Don’t forget to enhance your patio with beautiful planters. Don’t just plant your shrubs/greenery around the patio, but include some in planters throughout.

Sounds of the Summer
Having your home setup with wifi is not only beneficial for getting your emails; use your network for listening to music throughout your home, including outside. Use a Bluetooth speaker and connect it to your phone or tablet to listen to any genre of music or podcast you wish, while enjoying your outdoor retreat.

Entertain in Your Hot Tub
Make your backyard one of the most comfortable and relaxing places in your home with the addition of some alfresco entertainment. Need to unwind? Try a therapeutic spa with a wave lounger that will massage your body in a wavelike motion from head to toe.

Effortless Awnings
Motorized retractable awnings provide an elegant solution for enhancing backyard enjoyment and offer a number of benefits. In addition to coming in a wide variety of sizes and colours, awnings can make any deck or patio cooler and more comfortable while increasing a home’s energy efficiency. Awnings provide a protected outdoor living space that’s comfortable and affordable. The awnings can reduce the temperature of decks or patios by up to 20 degrees, protect from harmful UV rays and expand your outdoor living area, all at the push of a button. Now you can enjoy the stress-free, easy-care style of a beautiful patio, the relaxing jets of a soothing spa, the sun protection and ease of a motorized awning.