Bold + Beautiful

Written By Jaime-Lynn Dyck

If you are going to change up your cabinets, why not make a statement! This homeowner went bold and chose Behr Mountain Olive when refinishing her kitchen cabinets.

Don’t be afraid of colour when looking to update your home. Choose a colour that you love and goes with your style. Kailan Dreolini of Refreshed + Refurbished worked with this homeowner on picking the perfect shade of green while balancing the room with Behr Ginger Sugar on the wall. The champagne-coloured hardware and fixtures really bring an elegant look and pull everything together. The trend of full-colour kitchen cabinets is on the rise again and is a show stopper in this home.

Refreshed + Refurbished has been running strong for over a year now. This past fall Kailan added 2 more to the team to keep up with the demand. Since Rhonda and Melissa joined the team, Kailan has been able to take on more interior wall projects. “I’m used to working alone, so having a bigger crew gives me the confidence to take on bigger/more projects knowing we will be able to get them done faster while keeping pace with our cabinet jobs, which is definitely our niche”, says Kailan.  Now adding a third team member, Amber, helps with keeping up with the demand while travelling to smaller communities around Westman.  Kailan says her new team has a passion for painting and projects just like herself. She was looking for individuals who have an interest in home design and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. The team has bonded quickly and work well together, which has taken some of the load off Kailan and given her the time to work with homeowners on quotes.

Kailan works closely with homeowners to help them pick the perfect colours for their home and style. For this project, the client was a first-time homeowner, and completely made her home her own. As much as people think about resale, it is just as important to love your home while you’re in it. Be bold and make it your own!