Built Green® Homes

There are many advantages to purchasing a BUILT GREEN ® home. You live in a healthier, more durable house with a lower environmental impact-and because of increased efficiency, there’s a reduction in monthly operating cost, rebate eligibility, and more.

Westman Premier Homes, in Brandon, is the first and only builder in Manitoba to be certified with BUILT GREEN® homes. Scott Bromley, General Manager of Westman mPremier Homes comments, “We believe that building green, energy efficient and environmentally conscience is the way things are going. We not only believe in these ideals but also feel the energy codes are headed this way and we fully intend to stay well ahead of the minimum requirements. Quality and reputation are what we value the most, that being said building green is a perfect fit.”

The BUILT GREEN® program focuses on seven areas: energy efficiency, materials and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water management and business practices. The Single Family certification program integrates the EnerGuide label, so as a home buyer, you get a two-in-one: the EnerGuide label and the Built Green® Seal.

A healthier home environment means improved health and comfort for your family. With the program’s focus on ventilation and air quality, there is less stress on the respiratory and immune systems. For those with allergies, benefits can be significant. These homes have a significant reduction of drafts, cold spots, and temperature variances from room to room, due to the program’s attention to the homes air tightness.

BUILT GREEN® homes are also resource efficient, reducing their environmental impact, both during the build and in the day-to-day operation of running the home. Some of the options to choose from include: energy efficiencyfurnace and air conditioners, windows, appliances (Energy Star), etc; electrical efficiency-Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) to timers and motion sensors to whole-home automation; and water efficiency – water-saving toilets to low-flow showers and faucets to xeriscaping and more.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a sustainably built home is durability. BUILT GREEN® homes can feature a wide variety of durable features – we want to ensure that we aren’t building homes that need substantial renovation every five years. And improving efficiency means long-term cost savings; save on your water, electricity and gas bills.

Plus, BUILT GREEN® homes are third-party certified, which recognizes the authenticity of the home and offers credibility: you’re able to view a detailed report and a checklist showing the products used. As the home owner, you have terms of reference for the maintenance of the home and can rely on home performance expectations associated with the certification.

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Information for this article supplied by BUILT GREEN®.