Built to Move

Ready To Move homes or RTMs are sometimes thought of as cheap or low quality. This mindset is completely false. The homes are no different than an onsite; the main difference is the foundation is constructed in one location and the superstructure in another.

Many farmers or customers who live in remote areas of the country typically have a challenge with finding quality builders to visit their desired home location. This is a huge advantage to buying an RTM. Sub trades and project managers don’t need to travel far, to and from the job site every day, which reduces costs and speeds up the construction process. All it takes is one move from building mover at the time of completion. Customers and builders can feel at ease knowing their homes are built in a secure location, reducing the risk of jobsite theft or vandalism.

S.E.L. Housing, is a sister company to South End Lumber – Timbermart, a supplier of building materials in South Western Manitoba, serving communities for over 60 years. S.E.L. Housing, located in Brandon, Manitoba, was formed to help customers access quality trades in the construction industry for their RTMs. Customers can choose any product they wish to put into their new home thanks to South End Lumber’s buying power with the Timbermart buying group.

A typical RTM can be built within 7 months after your first meeting. The key steps for the RTM home building process is as follows:

  1. Choose a property to build your home
  2. Check in with an S.E.L. Housing recommended mover, such as CNC Building Movers to visit your site to make sure your home will not have any challenges during the move
  3. Design your floorplan – We will work within your budget by choosing one of our stock floor plans or design your dream home from scratch
  4. Choose your interior and exterior finishes
  5. Sign contract and order special order building supplies
  6. Hire a foundation contractor
  7. RTM is built
  8. RTM is moved to your location
  9. An S.E.L. Housing representative will visit your location and do a walkthrough identifying any drywall cracks that may need to be filled and re-painted

RTMs are moved by professional buildings movers, such as CNC Building Movers Ltd out of Brandon, Manitoba. Prestressed moving beams are used to ensure there is no unnecessary sag causing little or no stress on the structure of the house. RTMs are gently lifted at the building site using airbags to ensure a steady, secure lift. Air suspension on the truck and under the house maintain a smooth ride for the house, minimizing vibration. When the house is placed on the foundation, care is given to make sure it is square and centered. House to Foundation joint matches the quality of on-site construction.

Typical customer responsibilities once the RTM is moved onto the foundation:

  1. Schedule Manitoba Hydro and your electrician to install the electrical service
  2. Schedule your plumber to install your furnace, ductwork and HRV. Controlling the humidity levels in your home is very important to the outcome of the finished product
  3. Install septic and water systems
  4. Install stairs from basement to main level

S.E.L. Housing is a complete one stop shop for your home. If you wish not to take care of the above typical customer responsibilities, we will gladly manage the process from start to finish. We look forward to hearing about your ideas. Get inspired and visit us today!

Photos by Scott Norosky
Article Content by Scott Norosky & Craig Penner