Car Cleaning… The Easy Way!

It’s that time of year when we are thinking about our vehicles. Taking the time to clean them inside and out after letting them collect dirt and crumbs for the majority of the colder months!

I’ve researched some car care tips that hopefully can help you out, when keeping your vehicle organized and clean! I’ll start with one of my favourite tricks I found; use a small sponge paint brush to clean your air vents. This was super quick and easy and I recommend just keeping it in your glove box for the next time you want to use it. They are inexpensive and I just picked mine up from the Dollar Store.

Bring life back to your windshield wipers by putting rubbing alcohol on them. Dampen a rag with some rubbing alcohol and just run that along the rubber on your blades. It will help with smudgy windows from your blades. No need to by fancy cloths to clean your car. Using old cotton socks or t-shirts will work amazing, are free and a great way to reuse old clothes.

Another tip I would have never thought of, is washing your fabric floor mats in your washing machine! I shook off all the larger particles first and banged out a bit of the dust and then I just washed them on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. After they were washed, I laid them on the driveway in the sun to dry. I was very impressed by how easy this was and how great they looked! I’ll definitely be doing this again! *try this at your own discretion.

Do you have loose change hanging around your vehicle? This tipped I learned from my mother-in-law. Use an old gum container to keep all your change together and keep it in an extra cup holder. It will be easy to find next time you need change for the meter or that cup of coffee in the morning!

I love this idea! From the Dollar Store, buy a food storage container and use it for a quick and easy garbage that won’t spill over in your car.

It is always a great idea to keep a “clean up” bag together for those messes that happen while you are on the road. No matter if you have a friend, children or pets in your vehicle, you are bound to have an accident or mess at some point. Some great items to keep on hand in your car is a roll of paper towel, wet ones, antibacterial cleaner, an empty plastic bag, sponge and a roll of toilet paper.

I hope these tips help you keep your car looking its best this summer! Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas.