Catering Up A Storm

There is nothing like the perfect food to complete the perfect event.

Think of the last event you went to, was it a wedding, work luncheon, anniversary party? I bet you can tell me what was served and if you liked it. The food you choose is very important to any occasion, and that is why you need to talk to Ben Hernandez before planning your next event.

Ben is the owner of Benny’s Restaurant and Catering Services, located downtown in Brandon.  You may have eaten at his restaurant, but did you know he can cater your event or special family occasion for 5 to 200 people? Getting food catered isn’t just for large groups at rented halls, but can be used for intimate family and friend gatherings in your home.  Food options are not just limited to his menu but can be flexible and tailored to your needs. Popular menu items are the Chicken Montebello, the Turkey Dinner, and Prime Rib for supper. Don’t forget to ask him about their amazing selection of appetizers.  The shrimp will be talked about for years to come, trust me!

When preparing for corporate or team events, they can prepare pre-made meals to be handed out or offer an assortment of wraps, pasta, roasted chicken dinners, and soup and salad. A variety of hot and cold options is sure to be perfect for your needs.

When it comes to larger events, the staff at Benny’s are pros!  Ben says that the excitement of hosting events and bringing people together is back. He has been booking several Corporate Events and Graduations lately and hears the enthusiasm in people’s voices again.  When it comes to booking events, Ben takes care of all the food and drink options you require. They offer bar services, take care of the license, as well as offer many non-alcohol options. Their staff can even walk around and service the guests at your event, no detail is missed.

Larger catering jobs require more staff to have it run smoothly.  It is a testimony to the relationships Ben has created over the years, that he can reach out to and count on relatives, friends, and past employees to help out when asked. This goes to show you the type of person he is to work with, and if you have ever met or worked with him as an employee or a customer, you know! Ben will go above and beyond to make sure your event is everything you hoped for.  When everyone remembers the food, he has done his job.