Child Safety at Home

When you have a child your concern for safety intensifies and safety awareness and precautions become very important.

You can childproof your home with baby gates at both the top and bottom of stairs, outlet covers on unused electrical outlets and put safety knobs on any doors that lead out of the house. Keep cribs, change tables or other high furniture away from windows that may, at times, only have a screen as a barricade to the opening. It is recommended that bumper pads not be used in cribs as they can become a climbing device. The same reasoning goes for larger stuffed animals.

Do not allow playing or toys on or near stairs. Toys become a danger to the child and adults.

Medications and Detergents
You must be aware of any medications that may be in the home, including over the counter meds such as head ache medications. Be sure all medications have child proof caps and if possible store meds in a locked cabinet. When the child is old enough explain the dangers of consuming unsubscribed medications. Make sure he/she is aware that nothing found on the floor is to be put in their mouth, even if it looks like one of their candies.

The same precautions should be explained concerning detergents and cleaning products. Most products are scented and smell good thus attractive to young minds. Keep them out of reach of young children.

Young children unsupervised in the tub can be a concern. It only takes an inch of water for a child to drown. It is not just babies that are endangered in the tub, older children can slip and fall and become unconscious. Invest in a slip mat for
your tub; this will give you the extra traction you may need.

Many of today’s homes have fish ponds, hot tubs and pools. These all pose a threat to youngsters, so ensure supervision at all times. The pool area should be fenced and gates locked when adults are not present.

When operating the stove try to use the back burners for boiling water or cooking if children are present. Never leave boiling water or cooking items unattended on the stove. Keep kids away from ovens especially when opening to check or remove food items. It may seem like a good idea to have your children nearby when in the kitchen but there are many hazards to be aware of. If your child wants to help in the kitchen, set up a work area away from the stove and other major appliances. (Kitchen table)

Children should know their address and parent’s phone numbers at the earliest age possible. Teach your child the importance of 911 and when to use the emergency number.

Enjoy your kids, they grow up way too fast.