Custom Garage Storage – My Idiah!

Having a garage is truly an asset, but it can become a dumping ground pretty fast. To keep your garage clean and functional, you must evaluate what you want to use your garage for.

For some, it’s just for storing their vehicles, but for many, it is a space that holds tools, equipment, bicycles, and even Christmas décor. 

This past year we were finally able to check another project off our list, garage storage! By no means did we cover the whole garage, but we had a unique space I knew would be great for shelving, storage, winter gear, and hockey equipment. Yes, all of that! I’m pretty lucky when it comes to projects I dream up in my head. After putting it down on paper, my husband works with me to make it a reality. For this project, we were able to use some 2x4s, scrap wood, old wire shelving, and rods we had laying around. I even had some left-over mud, tape, and paint to make the project look more finished. In the end, we did need to buy some additional 2x4s, as leftover cut pieces won’t always work. 

We built the storage unit on the top of our 6’ x 3’ landing and continued it down the wall to the floor of the garage. Previously, in this space, we had hooks on the wall to hold our extra winter gear. We were missing out on a large blank wall that had useful vertical space. We incorporated shelving to hold spare boots and potting items I use throughout the year. Next to that, we put up a rod to hold the extra winter gear that we don’t want to store inside the house. It was great usage of this space, as it is located over the stairs and we can hang different length items across the rod. 

At the end of the unit, we created an area for storing equipment. It will predominately get used for hockey equipment, but we have used it for summer sports as well. We used a wire shelf across the top, as it allows airflow when drying out equipment. You can also use hangers on the wire shelf if needed.  We installed a boot dryer in this area for use on skates, boots, or anything else needing to dry out.  Under the bench is a great spot to store your hockey bag or other larger items.

To fully take advantage of the vertical space in this area, we put a plywood shelf across the top of the whole unit. This gives us space to store items we can reach while standing on the landing or storing items we don’t use often, further down.

Evaluate what needs you have for your garage and you too can create a more functional space for you and your family.