Decked Out for Summer

When it comes to building a deck, there are many options to consider.  Composited decking, vinyl decking, western red cedar, and treated wood to name a few. Weighing the benefits of each style, as well as your budget, can help you decide which deck material is right for you.

Available at Windsor Plywood, Moisture Shield composite decking is a low maintenance, high performance, long-lasting decking option.  They have 12 colour options, sure to match your exterior, from solid one-tone to two-tone colours ranging from grey to brown. Moisture Shield resists rotting, swelling and splitting unlike other composite options on the market. It is mold and mildew resistant, which makes it great in humid or wet locations, and can even be submerged in water. Composite decking can last 25-30 years with warranty varying in length. For those with sensitive feet, Moisture Shield offers Cool Dek, a line that is cooler on paws and feet, compared to other composite decking on the market. Check out the in-store display at Windsor Plywood, and compare the difference between regular composite and Cool Dek.

Western Red Cedar has always been known for beautiful decks that are made to last. Cedar decking is rot resistant and will not warp in high humilities. This deck choice is a great alternative for docks on the water. Cedar requires less maintenance compared to other wood on the market and will naturally age to shades of grey, so staining is not required. 

Global Dec-k-ing offers a vinyl product perfect for decks, balconies, walkways, flat roofs, and a great option for boat floors. It is a PVC membrane, glued to a surface to create a 100% waterproof finish.  This product comes in a variety of colour and pattern options.  Global Dec-k-ing is maintenance free, ensures durability in any climate, and is backed up by a 20-year warranty.

Treated Wood is a more traditional style deck with a natural look.  They are very durable, can stand wear and tear from the elements, and with proper maintenance can last 10-20 years.  You have many stain options that can enhance the look of your deck, creating more time and maintenance, but saving you more money upfront. 

To finish your deck, be sure to check out the railing systems at Windsor Plywood.  Pro-Built railing is constructed from aluminum alloy and has a high-quality exterior metal coating.  It is corrosion-resistant, which means no rusting, no spotting, or need for repainting.  Pro-Built aluminum rails are a low maintenance system that offers you a variety of styles, including narrow and wide pickets, glass inserts, and a wind wall.  You will find white and black in stock at Windsor Plywood in Brandon, with many other colour options available.

Be sure to stop by Windsor Plywood on 18th Street North in Brandon to check out their deck options.  With experienced staff to quote your deck project and help with which deck option is best for your environment. They carry a wide range of selection, sure to help you complete your summer decking project this year.  -DYH