Dine-In or Take Out?

Going out to eat in a restaurant is more than just satisfying your appetite, it is a place to break bread and gather with family, friends and colleagues.

This past year, the restaurant industry has been hit hard by employee layoffs and a decline in sales due to closures and capacity limits.  Unfortunately, it will not rebound overnight as restrictions lift, but restaurants are being creative and adapting in order to keep their doors open.    

Pick up and delivery service has been one of the top focuses for many restaurant owners, including Ben Hernandez from Benny’s Restaurant & Catering Services.  Benny’s Restaurant has an up-to-date website with great online ordering features that made them easily assessable to their customers this past year.  Not only can you order everything from food and beverage services online, you can also email, phone or use a third-party delivery service to place an order with them directly.

Prior to 2020, Ben says they would receive around 3 pick-up or delivery orders a week.  Once the pandemic and restrictions hit, that changed to up to 40 orders a day.  There has been a significant growth in this service and Ben doesn’t see it going away anytime soon, even after restrictions lift. 

Many restaurants had to invest in their websites to create ordering options for customers in order to stay operational.  At a time when sales are at an all time low, restaurants were pouring money into their businesses just to stay afloat.  From updating websites to include ordering options, to new point of sale equipment to make receiving payment easier on deliveries, these new expenses did not slow down.  If restaurants wanted to open their doors, they would need to make adjustments to their dining areas as well.  Ben hired professionals to create permanent partitions between his booths.  This forward thinking gave him the ability to have customers safely dine in now, but it will be there for future use, even just to create a sound barrier between booths.  Ben says, “They have a responsibility and will take what measures are necessary to keep everyone safe – customers, staff and his family.” 

Customers rely on restaurants to balance their busy home/work life.  As people grow comfortable again and we see restrictions lift, dine-in will start to get back to normal, but in the meantime, support your local restaurant with pick-up, delivery or dine-in.