Elevate Your Room

When it comes to interior design, bathrooms can be overlooked for more prominent spaces in the home. One way to elevate your bathroom is through an accent wall. An accent wall in a bathroom not only adds visual interest, but it allows you to experiment with colour, texture, and patterns that make a powerful statement.

Selecting the right wall is essential. Typically, the wall behind the vanity or the one opposite the bathroom entrance serves as an ideal spot. These walls naturally draw attention, making them perfect for a bold design element. For our project, we wanted to add a bold element behind the toilet in the toilet room. This was a safe space to experiment and add some flare.

For a spacious, spa-like feel, we opted for a light, neutral grey tone for the overall bathroom. Introducing the bolder earthy green colour on the accent wall infuses a refreshing energy into the room.  To begin, I taped off the wall and then painted 2 coats for optimal coverage. If you are happy with the look, you can just leave it at that. However, I sought to add depth by incorporating slim, wooden pieces to the wall.

To create the design, I used painter’s tape and transferred the design I wanted to the wall. This gave me a visual, so I could be sure I was satisfied with the design. I decided to go for a natural wood look, so my next step was to sand down each board before cutting them to size. I started with the larger pieces and worked my way down in size. I attached the wooden elements to the wall using a finishing nail in our trusty nail gun.

If you want to take this accent wall to the next level, you could caulk around the boards to create a seamless finish followed by painting everything the same colour. For me, I used a painting in our bathroom as inspiration for the colour and the natural wood frame and was very happy with the final result.