Enhance Your Entertainment Experience

TiVo is the perfect complement to your home to enhance your entertainment experience. This clever little box integrates all your favourite entertainment from Live TV and over-the-top (OTT) applications such as Netflix, YouTube, VU-IT! On-Demand and more.

A neat feature is TiVo’s OnePass. It finds your favourite programs, recorded or OTT, and stores every available episode in a way that’s searchable and hasslefree. With aesthetics a major concern for homeowners, TiVo delivers on that. The boxes are small and line-of-sight is not required to use the remote, making it easy to tuck away out of view. Plus, the Netflix button is built into the remote. No need to toggle devices or switch inputs; one remote suffices for all apps.

TiVo is easy to use and its features are customizable, making it the perfect entertainment system for everyone. Planning a long road trip with the family? TiVo has your road trip entertainment covered. The TiVo app makes it possible to download your kids’ favourite shows from your recordings to take on the road. Heading to the lake for a relaxing weekend? Take the shows you’re binging to the cabin by downloading them ahead of time. Planning a backyard game party? Why not watch it from the great outdoors on your device using TiVo. Plus, the app allows you to set up recordings wherever you are. Importantly, recording space will never be an issue, you have 1 Terabyte. Westman invites everyone to try TiVo the first 3 months are FREE, call 1.800.665.3337.