Enhanced Home Wifi

Brandon, MB – Experience total control with Westman Communications Group’s new Enhanced Wi-Fi Service, a product designed to boost wireless signal strength for customer home networks.

“Our customers are looking for faster speeds on a reliable Wi-Fi network with coverage in every corner of their homes,” said John Quail, Westman’s Chief Marketing Officer. At Westman, the quality of experience goes all the way to our customers’ fingertips; making whatever device they are using work seamlessly no matter what they are using it for.”

This new service gives Westman customers a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal by using the latest technology to locate the ideal placement of the modem. Along with this, Westman will also ensure maximum coverage in all the places each member of the household uses their personal devices.

Self-healing technology (Cloudcheck Optimization) is constantly working in the background to maximize the network for the best Wi-Fi service and provides additional diagnostic insight to Westman’s support team. An example of how this works: A 2.4 GHz band provides coverage at a longer range but transmits data at slower speeds. The 5 GHz band provides less coverage but transmits data at faster speeds. If a customer is in their backyard, further away from the Wi-Fi modem, Cloudcheck Optimization might automatically move them to the 2.4 GHz band to ensure there is still a Wi-Fi connection. These features are all happening in the background (no need to lift a finger!), making the experience better and the connection more reliable.

The customer can take total control of their Wi-Fi with the MyHitron app, which is available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The MyHitron app gives the customer the power to control and manage their Enhanced Wi-Fi Services. A few great features of the app include parental controls, the ability to create guest networks, perform speed tests and easily change and set Wi-Fi passwords.

“It’s important to us that we deliver this experience in the most efficient, customer-friendly and cost-effective manner,” shared Quail. “We are pleased that our customers already see value in the new features offered with our Enhanced Wi-Fi service.”