Feature Business: Infinity Kitchen and Bath

Excellent service and quality products. These are the principles that Glen Gurr has used for the last twenty years to build his business on and it’s worked.

Glen and his son Scott own and operate Infinity Kitchens and Bath, one of the leading custom cabinet shops in the Westman region.

“We built the business from scratch and that’s not an easy thing to do in today’s world, but we based it all on service and quality. It was our goal and objective in everything that we did and that’s what helped to grow our business and it just keeps growing. Word of mouth is our best advertising, people recommend us to others and we keep getting a lot of good jobs,” said Glen.

Glen had always wanted to work with wood, so when they sold their dairy farm in 1992, he originally started out by building furniture. He did that for a few years and then the business expanded into cabinet building.

“I don’t have any formal schooling, we just learned it all by doing. We study a lot and are very open minded. If anything new comes along we research it and we’re always looking for ways to improve on how things can be done. Starting out building furniture really helped us to evolve into the cabinetry business, it was a very good experience,” said Glen.

The father and son team design, build and install custom cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms in a variety of styles. They help families to find just the right look and layout for their homes and have a variety of cabinets and hardware to choose from including wood stained cabinets in maple or oak (and other wood types) or the newer styles of coloured lacquered cabinets that are now on the market. They are also one of the only shops in the area that works with bamboo, which has been a very popular in the last few years.

“There’s a lot to choose from and the industry is always changing, but we help people to narrow down their choices by giving them the pros and cons of each. We do a lot of research and keep up with the trends so that we can advise customers on what’s practical and what isn’t,” said Glen.

“We build all the cabinets ourselves so we know what works. Ever y project is star ted right from scratch and we build ever ything custom to fit, basically right to the millimetre.”

Three years ago, they purchased a CNC Machine which cuts out all our components of their cabinets using a computer program. They also added a vacuum lift to the shop, which has helped tremendously to reduce labour.

“It’s a fairly high tech shop for this area. The two of us can produce and install a lot of kitchens and vanities in a year because of the equipment that we have,” said Glen.

Infinity Kitchens and Bath also has an excellent selection of cabinet lighting, accessories such as sinks and faucets and they carry high quality hardware to match the standards of their custom built designs. They also have many options for countertops including laminate and quartz.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, Glen said you can expect the project to be complete in four to six weeks from beginning to end. He indicated that grey has been a popular choice for cabinetry in the last year or two in their designer series, but they have a variety of designs for consideration on display in their showroom.

Infinity Kitchens and Bath is located four kilometres south of Richmond Avenue on 65th Street East.

By Wanda Kurchaba