Feature Business: Red Kayak Flooring Co.

When it comes to transforming your home or business with quality flooring, look no further than Red Kayak Flooring Co.

Founded and operated by Mark Jenkins and Bobby-Jo Danielson, their team brings over 100+ years of industry experience to the table. Their mission is simple: to provide customers with a stress-free, personalized experience, guiding them through the process of selecting and installing the perfect flooring for their needs.

The story of Red Kayak Flooring Co. is rooted in a deep connection to family and the joy of shared experiences. Before the company’s inception, Mark had a simple white work van with his name on it, which they used to transport their Red Kayak to the lake. People who saw the “van with the red kayak” instantly recognized Mark and greeted him with a friendly wave. This observation became a catalyst for the company’s name, Red Kayak Flooring Co. Another familial thread woven into the business narrative is embodied by the quirky sign that proudly graces the company’s entrance. Drawing inspiration from Mark’s father, Bob, a luminary in the flooring industry known for his innovative marketing, the crooked sign stands as a tribute to the spirit of standing out and attracting attention. It’s a way for Mark to honor his father’s legacy by embracing the unique.

At Red Kayak Flooring Co., the team’s primary focus is on providing and installing quality flooring for their customers. Bobby-Jo and Mark understand that the process of choosing and installing flooring can be overwhelming. Their goal is to take the confusion out of the process and guide customers through every step, from selecting the perfect flooring in their well-organized showroom to ensuring its proper installation. They understand that a flooring purchase is a significant investment, and their commitment to providing transparent and trustworthy advice ensures that customers feel confident in their choices. If a customer already has a product in mind, even if it was purchased elsewhere, they are more than willing to assist with a seamless installation process, putting the customer’s needs first.

In addition to the expertise of Bobby-Jo and Mark, Red Kayak Flooring Co. boasts a team of seasoned professionals who excel in their respective roles. Kevin Ruddick, with 15 years of experience in the flooring industry, is dedicated to helping customers make the right choices for their specific needs, ensuring satisfaction, and building lasting relationships. Travis Vanderhaeghe, with over 15 years of construction experience, serves as the Install Coordinator, managing their 5 installers. Having all installers employed by Red Kayak ensures a seamless installation for customers. Recently joining the sales team, Amy McDonald brings over 20 years of construction and sales experience. Her experience, drive, and motivation will make her a perfect addition.

Mark and Bobby-Jo are beyond proud of their installation team.  Mike Mosiuk has been installing flooring for over 40 years and joined Red Kayak just over 2 years ago.  Layne Norrie also became a part of the family 2 years ago; they have watched him grow into a confident and professional installer. Abhi Sunnasy and Ryan Brooking joined them at the beginning of 2022.  Ryan and Travis are red seal carpenters; allowing Red Kayak to do much more than just flooring. For years, Abhi has been a carpenter and cabinet maker, now a professional flooring installer. Between the three of them, they’ve done custom work on stairs, new baseboards, new trim, new doors and even removed walls in clients’ home. Trai Morrice joined the team just over one year ago, bringing over a few years experience in the construction industry. A fun fact about Trai is that he has a slight addiction to Milwaukee tools. All 5 of these guys are extremely hard working, meticulous, professional, and lovable. They ensure every install meets the company’s high standards for quality workmanship; a simply better flooring experience!

The driving force behind Red Kayak Flooring Co. is genuine care for their customers. They understand that choosing and installing flooring can be overwhelming, but with their guidance, it can be a simple and enjoyable process. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, Red Kayak Flooring Co. is well-equipped to transform spaces, making them beautiful, functional, and comfortable.