Feature Business: R&M Homes

Quality workmanship, first-rate customer service, and providing whatever their clients need are the cornerstones of R&M Homes’ business philosophy.

Established by owner and president Mark Bailey 10 years ago, R&M Homes is essentially a one-stop shop for home construction. With departments that provide 90 per cent of the necessary finishing trades in-house, there’s nothing they can’t do.

“We build single family and multi-family homes in Brandon and surrounding areas,” Bailey said. “Within R&M, we have a concrete company to pour foundations and do flatwork – driveways, sidewalks. We do millwork – baseboards, casing, and shelving. Then we have our own flooring installers, cabinet installers, and custom millwork as well.”

Many home builders rely on subtrades to complete projects. At R&M Homes, they construct 90% of their builds with internal trades. The philosophy behind this is that R&M has control of a high-quality end product with competitive pricing. Bailey is proud of their internal trades, since not only do they work closely with R&M Homes on a daily basis, they’re also very active doing additional jobs for other clients. These companies are bdnLux Kitchen and Design, and All Fired Up Plumbing and HVAC.

BdnLux Kitchen and Design assists clients with kitchen designs and cabinetry. They offer interior design for their builds, or renovation projects large or small. They supply cabinetry, handles, countertops, and built-ins for all projects.

All Fired Up Plumbing and HVAC provide service to projects large or small, new or existing. Their HVAC services include ducting, ventilation, heating and cooling and they offer 24-hour service calls.

For R&M Homes, the end result of providing everything as a package is a better price for the homeowner. The few services that are contracted out, such as landscaping, stuccoing, soffit and fascia, are done with businesses R&M has associated with throughout its decade of existence.

“These are long-standing, honourable companies,” Bailey said. “We’re committed to them because we work with them exclusively. We’re not just hiring out at the lowest price.”

In fact, Bailey said, he refuses to compromise just for the sake of the bottom line.

“I truly believe you can deliver a high-quality build at any price point,” he said firmly. “I don’t believe that, whatever you’re building, you need to compromise on quality. We offer the best that’s available.

“Everything we build is mid-grade and up. The interiors might be different but the bones and structure are not. We stand behind our work. Our employees are hard-working and they care. They’re the best in the business.”

A lifelong Brandonite, Bailey believes the personal touch is the best approach to any business arrangement. He meets with every client R&M builds for face to face.

“I’ll never change that – I believe that’s what people want and that’s what people deserve,” he said. “I know people work hard for their dollar, and I think they should get the most they can for their money.

“I’m very passionate about this – I love it. I enjoy working with people. I know that at the end of the day when we build our projects, they’re the very best we can do.”

Another thing people might not be aware of is that R&M Homes doesn’t just build new homes. They also do renovations, remodels, additions – even fences and decks are in their wheelhouse. If somebody wants some painting done, they’ll do that too.

“We’re not only dedicated to R&M Homes,” Bailey said. “We’ll do whatever we can to help people out.”