Feature: The Westgate in Waverly

If you’ve driven west out of Brandon in the last little while, you’ve likely noticed a beautiful, new property that was just recently built on the south side of Victoria Avenue.

Keep watching, because there’s more to come. The new development, known as The Westgate in Waverly, will soon be a 72-unit apartment complex comprised of six independent, three-storey buildings.

While a lot of new construction in Brandon lately has focused on the condominium market, The Westgate in Waverly project is appealing to individuals or families who aren’t at the stage in their lives where they are interested in purchasing a home or condominium, but are looking for a modern place to rent.

Real Estate Advisor for Royal LePage Martin-Liberty Realty and property marketer, Darren Giilck, said the overall project from concept to fruition has been interesting and exciting for all those involved.

“The land that we’re working on has never been developed and was just been sitting there, so we thought there was an excellent opportunity, especially considering the location,” said Giilck.

“It has literally been decades since any new apartments were built in the Waverly or Riverheights area. The last development of this nature in the west end would have likely been Victoria Woods.”

Much like the already built first apartment complex, each of the buildings will have 12 units or private apartments. Local construction related companies such as Quarry Hills and Keller Developments used their specialized skills and services to complete the first building to the highest of standards. All include quality finishes, in addition to in suite washer and dryers, and stainless steel appliances. No detail was left out by developer Keller Developments, including the attractive James Hardie Siding exterior that is available at Bandon’s newest lumber store, Westman Lumber Supply Ltd., located on the nor th hill on Middleton Avenue.

“What makes these apartments a little different from what’s already on the market is that they are all very close to 1000 square feet, which is bigger than most apartments that currently exist in Brandon. As well, they have an open concept layout and bigger than average balconies – ones that you can actually sit on comfortably,” said Evan Keller, owner of Keller Developments.

The spacious balconies will come in handy for relaxing and entertaining as residents will want to spend time outdoors enjoying the lovely views. In addition, there are plenty of parks and green spaces within walking distance, as well as schools.

With these interesting features and the great location of these two-bedroom apartments, word has spread and the entire first building is almost fully rented. Enthusiastic new tenants star ted moving in at the end of August.

“As there are just four units on each floor, living in this complex will allow for quiet suites, as well as privacy. With just a dozen tenants in each building though, it will be easy to form a community and get to know your neighbours well,” said Keller.

Construction on the second building will be starting very soon. Giilck said they are already establishing a tenant list and this building is expected to be complete by May 2017. The intent is to have the entire complex finished within the next few years.

Giilck said for him and some of the other investors involved it is one of the biggest projects they have ever taken on. But they couldn’t be more pleased with the initial outcome.

“Just starting a project of this magnitude from bare land and establishing it into something that you can be proud of for years is really an accomplishment. Everyone involved feels the same way. We’ll always be able to say we built The Westgate in Waverly, that 72- unit apartment complex right on the edge of town that everyone’s going to see forever,” said Giilck.

As the crews begin to break ground on the second 12-plex, Giilck said they will also be engaging
in conversations with potential investors for the remaining five buildings. While fulfilling a need in Brandon’s housing market for rental property was one goal, a second goal was to create a larger property investment opportunity.

“The first building is sold and nearly at full occupancy. With the advantage of having full-time, professional property management in place for the entire complex and the consistent strength in Brandon’s housing market, buying in to new properties such as these is certainly a solid and appealing investment,” said Giilck.

By Wanda Kurchaba
Photos by Country Lane Landscapes