Featured Business: Brandon Home Show

Imagine growing your business 10 times the original size in just 49 years! it seems like an impossible feat, but that’s exactly what the Brandon Home & Leisure show has done.

What started in 1966 as a modest trade-show, named the Brandon sportsman show, in less than 10,000 square feet, it has now grown to utilize almost 100,000 square feet of Brandon’s Keystone Centre.

“The growth of the show has been progressive. Like anything else, it takes some new ideas and some innovative thinking,” said Dave Melcosky, General Manager of the Brandon Home & Leisure Show. “I’m the type of person, regardless of what of I’m doing, that doesn’t like to reinvent the wheel. I let the wheel run and then I try to improve it. The biggest mistake that you can make on an event is going in and changing everything overnight.”

Along with innovation, putting together an event of this magnitude takes careful planning and attention to detail. Dave, who’s been in the lead role for the last five years, said the increased use of technology has helped to improve and grow the event.

“The biggest change I made, right off the bat, was creating an email address and developing a website. everything before that was done by fax and phone. now, 95 per cent of the work I do now is by email. As well, we’ve worked hard to create a more of a professional atmosphere and develop a hostess program,” Dave said.

At this year’s Show, you’ll find a diverse range of close to 170 exhibitors. This includes pretty much everything you can think of for home renovation, building and accessorizing to all the things you need to enjoy your leisure or free time like recreational vehicles, ideas to create fabulous outdoor spaces and good a selection of products for entertainment.

Plus, there will be some never-seen-before exhibitors over the three-day weekend. Most years, close to 20 per cent of the exhibitors are brand new or haven’t attended for many, many years.

“We always try to urge the exhibitors to bring in new products. Some of them diversify and kick off their products at the Home Show, which is fantastic. Our guests are truly getting to see first-hand what the latest trends are,” Dave says.

With over 11,000 guests walking through the doors for the Brandon Home & Leisure Show last year, it’s a win-win situation for exhibitors, for those looking to shop or for those just coming to kick tires.

It’s an inspirational weekend where people come to gather ideas and put together plans for improvements to their home or cottage. And, let’s face it, where else can you see so many businesses all under one roof?

“Most people come to the Show because they are sincerely looking for something. The majority of people are actively looking to connect with a supplier or a trades person or a company that can provide them with something that they are interested in,” Dave said. “If you’ve been looking for something, like a fireplace or windows for your house, and you go to the Home Show there’s a good chance you are going to get special Home Show pricing. The price of admission gets you in and you can literally save 100’s of dollars on major purchases.”

This year, the Brandon Home & Leisure Show is pleased to introduce some new partners. In addition to Brandon and Area Realtors as the presenting sponsor of the show, MTS and Alternative Landscaping have come on board as platinum sponsors. As well, the Canadian Cancer Society has been chosen as the official charity of the Brandon Home & Leisure Show.

The event will give the local chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society an opportunity to educate the public on the services they offer like low-cost radon testing kits and to help promote their current fundraising efforts, which coincide with April being Cancer Month. As well, the Brandon Home & Leisure Show has committed to match a portion of the funds that are raised during the show for the Canadian Cancer Society.

“With a chance to win $5000 worth of prizes, provided by Kitchen Gallery on 9th and Krevco Lifestyles, and everything that there is to see and do, I just know the general public will be very pleased with this year’s show! It’s going to be a great opportunity and experience for our exhibitors as well.”

The Brandon Home & Leisure Show takes place April 10- 12. For more information, visit: