Gardens Galore!

It’s that time of year again when we stop by the local greenhouse and pick up our plants and seeds to start our annual gardens. It has been years since I’ve planted a large garden, due to our yard size, but since moving into our new home, we have no shortage of a yard to plant our garden this year!

May Long weekend was the perfect weekend to build and plant our garden. Since we moved onto a few acres, we had some options as to where we should put the new garden. Our decision was to put it by one end of our property, where it would get south facing sun all day. We then spent the next few days mapping and then planting our garden. We were fortunate to be able to create a large garden, probably bigger than what we needed; but it gave us the space to map out what we wanted to grow, with ample room between rows and space for our vegetables to grow.

Now we water, weed and wait!

A great gardening initiative in Brandon this year is the Incredible Edible Brandon. A program that has a dozen, self-watering planters placed throughout the city. The community has really come together to help sponsor the development of this plan. Planters filled with produce, maintained by volunteers and available to whoever wants or needs it, as it grows. This is not only a program in giving, it is a program in trust, sharing and community. The concept of urban gardening projects like this one are not a new idea, but definitely new to Brandon and one they hope can flourish and spread.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb or the space to garden, there is always an opportunity to get your hands a little dirty. Why not stop and weed a planter as you walk by or grab a tomato for supper!

Jaime-Lynn Dyck
Design Your Home