Getting Ready FOR WINTER

There are many benefits to having a fall clean-up.  Removing the leaves from the lawn helps to keep lawn fungus at bay; like gray and pink snow mold. 

Snow mold is caused when there is an extended period of snow cover on the ground that is not completely frozen. It can also occur under leaves that have not been cleaned up or amongst long grass that could have been mowed once more before winter set in. Additionally, leaves can smother the lawn and kill it off, which becomes frustrating in spring when your investment won’t grow evenly. Last but not least, wet matted leaves are harder to clean up in the spring, which takes more time, and thus your cost increases. Alternative Landscaping Ltd offers a complete fall cleanup of all turf on the property. This includes the removal of fallen leaves and debris, followed by a final mow and trim of the season.

During fall aeration, small plugs of thatch and soil are mechanically removed, improving natural soil aeration. It’s commonly called “core aeration”. Turf is then seeded to maintain a thick and healthy lawn. A thick lawn provides less room for weeds to grow.

Additional benefits of aeration include:

Alternative Landscaping recommends aerating in the fall as the cores will stay on the lawn over the winter months and slowly give high nutrients when the snow starts to melt in the spring.

Residential and Commercial Snow Clearing:

Alternative Landscaping Ltd will remove snow from your driveway, walkways, entrance, and city sidewalk.  For commercial businesses, they will remove snow from all sidewalks, entrances, and exits, as well as, any city sidewalk bordering the commercial building.  They also offer clearing, hauling of stockpiles, and sanding of all parking lots; including businesses, apartment buildings, and condos. After removing ice from sidewalks, they apply an organic (Eco-Friendly) de-icer comprised of beet juice to the walk surfaces to ensure proper traction and to assist in the maintenance.

Think Ahead for Spring with the Healthy Lawn Improvement Program

The best and most sustainable way to prevent weeds from invading your lawn is to maintain it by keeping it properly fed, cut weekly, and watered on a regular basis.  Thick healthy lawns are less likely to have weed infestations as weeds most often pop up where turf is thin and damaged. Alternative Landscaping has put together a program of products and services to increase the overall health of your lawn.  They use an organic weed maintenance product known as Fiesta.  This product must be used in conjunction with other services and products to increase the overall health of the lawn.  They are excited to introduce their new Healthy Lawn Improvement Program to combat the war on weeds invading your turf.

The program starts in the springtime with 2 applications of Fiesta (21-27 days apart) first with a Spring Jumpstart fertilizer, followed by a slow-release granular fertilizer application that will last 12 weeks.   The third application of Fiesta will commence in the fall with a custom fall fertilizer.  The fall application is a very important part of the Fiesta’s success following the spring/summer applications.  Aeration is also recommended for success the following season.