Herbs: Some of my favourite uses.

Some time ago, I wrote an article on growing herbs and thought I would expand on it.  The idea came to me at the end of the summer while walking our property. 

I was admiring the wild sage that grows where ever it likes, and decided I would pick some and dry it in our pantry over the winter.  My project for this sage was to do a cleansing smudge on my home in the new year. 

To do this, I dried the sage in a cool place for several months, ensuring it was completely dry.  Then I gathered sections of the sage and folded it over to make a little bundle.  I used string to wrap around the sage to hold it together in a tight bundle.   After lighting the sage bundle with a lighter, I let it smoulder a bit and walked around our home, taking time in each room.  You can also put your sage bundle in a bowl and let it smoke in each room of your home for a short period of time.  (Do not leave a burning herb bundle left alone in a room)

The belief behind smudging is that the smoke will absorb or dispel negative energy.  This in turn will cleanse and purify your home.  You can do this anytime you see fit, but a great time is when moving into a new home. 

We can’t talk about herbs and not mention cooking!  Using herbs in your meals is a great way to embellish any dish; make sure you give them a rub in your hands before adding to “wake them up”!  Not only can you cook with herbs, but you can infuse oils and vinegar with an array of herbs.  Take a glass jar of oil or vinegar and put some sprigs of herbs right in.  Give it some time for the herbs to get infused in and enjoy!  Look online for recipes
and instructions. 

You can use herbs to make your very own tea blends at home, or my favourite, using mint to make a simple syrup for Mojitos! 

Herbs are very common in essential oils.  I have used essential oils for several years now and probably wouldn’t live without them.  I use them for their medicinal, detoxifying, purification and calming effects.  If you are considering using essential oils, definitely do some research first with a consultant or professional. 

Lastly, I started growing a lavender plant in my garden last year.  My future goals for the lavender is to use it for fragrant satchels, in body/foot scrubs and for the bath.  Maybe I’ll infuse some oil with it too! 

I hope I have given you more ways in which you can use herbs in your daily life.  They provide medicinal, healing and calming properties with a variety of benefits.  Always consult a professional if you have any questions about using herbs.