Hidden Gem

Written By Jaime-Lynn Dyck
Photos Submitted

Windsor Plywood in Brandon has a hidden gem many are not aware of. Located in the back of the store is a unique wood shop that is truly a class on its own. No job is too big or too small for this space, just let your imagination take over!

Doors, doors, and more doors. From Barn doors to machining a new slab. If there is a barn door design you have seen or that you can picture bring this design to the store and Windsor’s shop can make it happen! If you have purchased a new door and nothing is wrong with your existing jamb, they can even machine a door to fit. Windsor has even been known to do several knock-down units, so everything is ready to install when you get home.

Cutting boards, wood countertops, and dining room tables are very popular right now. Windsor Plywood offers a wide variety of exotic and quality wood, as well as live edge when creating a project for your home. All their wood has gone through the kiln and dry process, so they can guarantee no bugs in their product. Bring in your measurements and they can do up a quote for you.

Custom hot and cold registers are always in steady production in this shop. From wood to vinyl, they can make one to match almost any flooring. Bring in your flooring material and they will create a custom register to match. No more going store to store trying to match one to your floor.

Spring brings an increase in the production of stairs. From new builds, or renovations, to decks and even landings, they have even been known to do a few spiral staircases!  Windsor will cut your stair stringers or build you the whole unit. Choose from an open or closed rise to even having mortised sides.  This shop will ensure your stairs are up to code.

As you can see, Windsor Plywood is not your average lumber store, for this is why they are called a finishing store!  If you have a project in mind, bring in your plans and measurements and talk it over with them. From custom woodwork and matching vintage trims, to building toy chests and wine racks, they are always one project away from another happy customer!