Home Sweet Childhood Home

Having the opportunity to visit your childhood home is an incredible experience, not many can say they have done. 

I had the privilege of visiting my childhood home this summer and it was so nostalgic to say the least.  The current owners, who have lived there for 25 years, had just finished renovations to their living space and let me take a tour.  I was made aware of their renovations from a family member and Jaydi Dinsdale of Timber + Lace Interior Design here in Brandon.  They were nice enough to put me in contact with the owners, who opened their door to me. 

When going back to see your childhood home, so many things run through your mind.  What has been changed to it?  Is it the size I remember it to be?  And on top of that, I got flooded with memories of walking those halls for 13 years of my life.  Like many say, the rooms felt a bit smaller than my adolescent memory had but that is understandable, I was a child then.  It’s funny what memories come flooding back, bath time when you were a kid, having birthday parties at the kitchen table, and climbing the stool to get chips from the high cupboard over the stairs.  The smile it put on my face to see the shed my dad built still standing in the backyard.  All memories from over 25 years ago, now I can imagine the memories from the current family as they have put their own touch on their home. 

I was excited to see the beautiful renovation orchestrated by Jaydi Dinsdale on this home.  They fully renovated the kitchen from top to bottom.  New appliances, cupboards, countertops, flooring, window coverings and a fresh paint job.  Most older homes have good bones and a renovation or little facelift is all they need. 

A lot of work was put into prepping the walls and ceiling for the renovation.  Jeannie Bos of Jeannie’s Interiors removed the textured ceiling in the kitchen and the dining room, as well as removed years of old wall paper, patterns I even remembered, and minor patching throughout. Jeannie offers free estimates, colour consultations and guidance for interior finishes to her clients.  For this reno, Jaydi had designed the project and already picked out colours with the home owners.  Jeannie walked through the space with the home owners to explain the process, as well as the time required for the project. 

Jeannie Bos has been in the painting industry for 17 years.  Her work consists of residential and commercial projects, from new builds to re-paints.  She works in and around Brandon working with her clients every step of the way.  Having the right people for the project makes a world of difference and that shone through in this renovation. 

It was a delight to be able to walk through my childhood home again, an experience I will never forget! DYH