Homelessness in Brandon

In January 2015, the Point-in-Time (PiT) Homelessness Count in Brandon was 117 people. Does this surprise you? Of those accounted for, 76 were unsheltered and 41 were sheltered. As you can imagine, these counts are more of a minimum baseline, as homelessness isn’t always visible. They can only register what is right in front of them.

The iMatter committee in Brandon is once again organizing a Point-in-Time (PiT) Homelessness Count on Wednesday, April 13th. The benefits of knowing the homelessness count in Brandon is to ensure there are no unmet needs and programs that could be available to individuals or families in need. They use this information to help guide programs and services in an effort to ultimately end homelessness in Brandon one day. This program is a voluntary program being run, but shows the efforts being made to truly end homelessness in the Wheat City.

If you are able to volunteer your time with the PiT Homelessness Count in Brandon, please contact them right away at They are training volunteers now, so if you are able to spare a few hours on April 13th and you are over the age of 18, please contact them. For more information on this program, please visit their website at

Habitat for Humanity – Brandon Chapter

We are so happy to see Habitat for Humanity running strong in Brandon again. Not only did they turn the keys over to a new family in February, but they already have another home being built. You couldn’t ask for a better partnership then with the trades students at Assiniboine Community College. They, as well as other builders and trades in our community, help in building habitat homes for the families chosen. Families have to go through an extensive interview process in order to be selected, as well, they have to be committed to completing hundreds of volunteer hours in the community. To learn more about the Habitat for Humanity in Brandon, visit them online at

Other ways to support Habitat for Humanity is to shop at the ReStore located at 630 Rosser Avenue in Brandon. They sell new and gently used materials and products that would otherwise go to landfills. The money you spend there will help with the administration costs at Habitat for Humanity MB, in order for 100% of the donations to go directly to building new homes.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, why not consider one of these organizations.

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