Installing a Hot Tub

Before you actually purchase your hot tub, there are many things to consider.  How many people will be using it?  What do you want to use it for? Where will it be installed?  This is where the guys at Creasy’s Hot Tubs and Billiards and Hardy Electric can help.

Creasy’s Hot Tubs and Billiards has a wide selection of hot tubs and hook up options.  They are the distributer for Jacuzzi hot tubs across Manitoba with locations in Brandon and Winnipeg.  When shopping for your hot tub, think about how many people you see using it at once, how many jet options you would like, do you like to lounge and listen to music while in the hot tub?  Whatever your desire, there is a hot tub for you!  Jacuzzi, as well as the Nordic hot tub line are both energy efficient.  Look for a hot tub that has full foam insulation and a high-density foam cover.  Nordic hot tubs are perfect for those looking for a more economical option or a hot tub for the lake.  They come with a variety of options, even plug in! 

Devon from Creasy’s tells us, “We are here for our customers from purchase to install.  If a customer needs base prep, an electrician, delivery or maintenance, just give us a call or stop by.” 

When considering a hot tub make sure you have your location picked out and that your electrical panel can manage the installment. 

What size of electrical panel do you have in your home?  Most homes have a 100-200-amp service.  If you wish to install a hot tub, have electric heat or have a small shop 200-amp service is recommended.  If you are not a high user of electricity, 100-amp service may suit you just fine or your electrician can install a sub panel as well.  Figuring out your options before you purchase, may save you some unexpected headaches down the line. 

“Installing a hot tub can be done fairly quick, as long as there is room in the panel” says Brian from Hardy Electric.  “If a customer is looking for a hot tub, we recommend they call us ahead of time so we can go over the hook up options with them in their home.” 

While hooking up your hot tub, Brian also recommends having a surge protector installed on your panel.  With thunder storm season upon us, there is no better assurance that our investments are protected than with a surge protector. – DYH