KM Construction

“Our highest goal is  your satisfaction”

– KM Construction


For decades, KM Construction has been building quality homes in the heart of Southern Manitoba. 

Even though they are carefully constructed on site in Cartwright, Manitoba, these homes put their roots across the Prairie provinces and into North Dakota and Montana.  Extra care and attention is given during construction to ensure a smooth move to it’s final destination. 

Designing your new house will take some time, as you need to think about the needs of your family and your personal style.  But you don’t need to do this alone, the experienced staff at KM Construction can walk you through the process from drafting your dream home to selecting your cabinetry and paint colours.  They offer an array of samples and in-house displays to help you in selection process. 

If you are in the market for a ready to move home, contact Keith or Kyle at KM Construction and see what they have to offer.