Letter from the Editor

Our Third Anniversary!

Wow, does time fly! This winter will mark our 3rd anniversary creating Design Your Home magazine!

I love celebrating this anniversary at my favourite time of year. The winter season for me is all about family and friends. I love getting ready for Christmas, stocking the freezer with meals and baking to share with everyone, and every year I find a gift to make, that I can share with my neighbours, family, teachers and friends. Previous years I have gifted canning, homemade irish cream, and crochet dish cloths. I haven’t quite made up my mind what I’ll make this year, but I’ll be sure to share it on the Design Your Home Pinterest page!

We enjoy snowmobiling, skating, sledding, ice fishing and of course, building snow forts and snow men/princesses! The winter months, is a great time to explore your city or town in ways you don’t during other months. That may be snowshoeing, cross country skiing or snowmobiling on trails through the bush, or ice fishing in the middle of the lake. Spending time outdoors in the winter is not only a great activity for your health, but a great bonding time with the people you love. And, you can never beat warming up with a big mug of hot chocolate!

Winter is also a great time to get renovations done or start planning your projects for the new year. If you are going to be inside for the winter months, you may as well work on projects then, as when summer hits, you want to focus your attention outside. This is a great time to approach your local contractors and discuss any projects you want done and get a few quotes put together. I always say, that if you are able to get renovations done, do them now and enjoy them!

I hope that you are able to get out and spend time with your family and friends over the winter months, or maybe tackle a project or two. Look for local activities, festivals, or just pack up the car and head to the local sledding hill, maybe we will bump into you!