Letter from the Editor


he travel bug bit me many years ago.  From a young age I was always curious about different places and cultures and after my first few trips as a young adult, I was hooked!  

I’m a big believer in discovering local first.  Have you ever gone online and searched your own community and ones around you?  Have you ventured to those locations, museums, trails, parks? If you haven’t, I highly suggest you do that this summer.  Go online or to your local tourist office and discover places you haven’t ventured to yet in our own community.  Last year we hiked the trails in Spruce Woods Provincial Park for the first time.  I can’t wait to take family out there this summer when they come to visit!   

We have ventured to other countries and even other continents for travel, but my family has always loved travelling within Canada.  This summer we hope to plan an adventure to the east coast.  This is one area of Canada we have yet to discover and are truly looking forward to it.  There is nothing like planning a new adventure to a place you have never been to.  I start by searching the area online like local towns, cities and tourist attractions.  Then I talk to family and friends who have lived or travelled there before.  When you arrive at your destination, always plan extra time for the unexpected!  Talk to locals and other tourists and find out about placed you don’t read about online.  Years ago, we planned a trip across the West Coast and as much as I loved visiting the places we planned, it was the places we never realised we would discover that was more exciting!  The waterfall we came to on a trail in the forest.  The whale watching tour we decided to join last minute.  

We have so many adventures to discover right in our own backyards!  Go to these websites to find some. 

Jaime-Lynn Dyck
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