Letter From The Editor

Pictures are important to me and it seems like they are becoming a lost art. 

Thanks to this magazine, we tend to get family pictures taken more than the norm.  I am so thankful for that and the amazing photographers we have worked with along the way.  As I picked our picture for this issue, I stumbled across a file of pictures of my father who passed a few years ago.  Scrolling through and reminiscing with my daughter really warmed our hearts.  If it wasn’t for those pictures, we wouldn’t be able to go back and look at snapshots from many special events over the years. 

As much as we are taking millions of pictures with our phones, what are we doing with them?  I make sure I download images from our phones and camera and put them in yearly files.  What I love to do is make photo books of our holidays or special occasions.  I always order 2 photo books and give one to our daughter to keep. 

Printing pictures to frame or on canvass is another thing I like to do with our pictures.  Having pictures hung around your home, really warms it and gives you a daily reminder of a special day or activity you did.  Decorating your home with images and souvenirs from a holiday is really special and tells a lot about who you are. 

Fall is my favourite time of the year to take family pictures.   As much as I like to take relaxed family photos outside, also consider more intimate pictures inside your home.  When I was little, family pictures was going to the studio and posing with your loved ones in front of a back drop. There are so many options now!  I love casual images of our family just walking down a park path or having a conversation on a bench, or while sitting in the grass.  These images reflect who we are and gives a very natural reflection of your interactions with your family. 

What are you doing with your pictures?  Don’t just leave them sitting there on your camera or store them on the cloud, only to flip back to.  Print them off, create a photo wall in your home, print images of loved ones we lost.  There is nothing more nostalgic!

Jaime-Lynn Dyck
Design Your Home