Letter from the Editor

Ok, I have talked about travelling and exploring your own back yard, right?  Well…maybe not enough!  This year marks 150 years since Manitoba was founded as a province.  What better way to celebrate this great province, then to explore it!

I’d like to think we have explored plenty in Manitoba, but in all reality we probably haven’t.  Our goal this summer is to head to Provincial Parks in the province we haven’t been to yet.  Top of my list is the Whiteshell area and Nopiming Provincial Park.  A hiker and campers dream, the Nopiming Provincial Park is part of the Boreal Forest and Canadian Shield, with pristine lakes and miles of wilderness to explore.  There are many places we plan to explore closer to our home like Eternal Springs just north of the #1 Highway, East of Virden.  With 2 stocked trout ponds, a swinging bridge and BBQ pits to have your lunch, it is the perfect day trip.  A new favourite we recently visited is Spruce Woods Provincial Park.  A great place for a family with active children to explore!  The trails give them places to explore and the climbing and descending on large dunes of sand is second to none.  What a treat it is to arrive at the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a small spring fed lake with amazing views!

Though we have been to Riding Mountain National Park dozens of times, this year we plan on taking some new trails and views of the park!  We were married in the park 16 years ago, so we make it a plan to stay there every year to take in its natural beauty, reflect, and enjoy our time outdoors with our family.

To make your exploring more fun this summer, Explore 150 has created an app to help you find places to explore near and far, across the province.  The map pinpoints locations for you to visit, check in and take a picture to earn points for great prizes!  Make sure you download it and play along with your family!

Take time this year to check out Manitoba and celebrate what it has to offer!