Letter from the Editor

During our free time this year, we did what many families in Canada did; we completed projects around our house.  Not too often are we given time like this, as we are usually running to and from activities all year long.  This pause in our life was necessary and gave us more time with family and to tackle projects that seem to sit, waiting patiently to be completed. 

Since building our home 3 years ago, projects never seem to vanish.  From inside our home to landscaping our relatively bare 2 acres, we knew going into this, it would be a marathon and not a quick race.  This year I was excited to complete our bar area in the basement.  This was a project we had planned as we were building our home.   Make sure you check out the “My Idiah” article in this issue for the complete project!  In our yard, we worked on completing a rock wall/border from stones already on the property.  I love to sit back and stare at the finished project, reflecting on all the hard labour we put into it.  Now it’s my job to incorporate plants into the wall to soften the edges of the hardscape.  I really enjoy planting native plants from the prairies to create the finished look we like. 

During family time this year we continued hiking and exploring our great province.  We are lucky to have some great paths in our own neighbourhood, but really enjoy navigating the Brandon Hills and Riding Mountain National Park.  Sometimes finding an activity that all family members like to do can be challenging and we found that hiking keeps us active and gives us time to talk while we are enjoying nature.  Golf is another activity we enjoy doing together for all the same reasons.  No matter the activity you like to do with your family, this is time everyone will remember.

We made sure we appreciated what we were given this year; time.   It really goes by in the blink of eye and I hope you were able to spend some of those , not so often, free minutes with your loved ones in person or on zoom, crossed some items off your ‘to do list’ or sat and smelled the roses.

Jaime-Lynn Dyck
Design Your Home