Letter from the Editor

We have finally got back to traveling!

This summer we explored the province of Nova Scotia on a family trip and one of the most amazing parts was the house we stayed in. Not even the part that the exterior and property are used in a Stephan King series…but the historic pieces fully functioning inside!

The historic home was built in 1910 and still shines in all its glory. I studied the architecture of the home trying to figure out what each room would have been used for in the early days. Each room had its own story from original fireplaces, wood paneling, and delicate paintings of flowers adorning the ceiling with plaster embellishments; nothing you would find in homes built today. The grand staircase in the center of the house led to the spacious bedrooms on the second floor. A unique original feature on the second floor was the knob and tube electrical panel on display in a beautiful wood and glass case. Not only that, but the house had many original push button light switches throughout, all operational.

Though the plumbing was all up to date, many sinks in the home were also original and kept with the heritage feel throughout the home. A feature I liked was the butler’s pantry off the kitchen, a practical space for storing extra kitchen items or possibly used as a prep kitchen in the past. A second (narrow) staircase located near the back of the home is useful in a home of this size. Probably used by the staff originally, it made it more efficient to get around the home depending on where you were.

Exploring a new location is what our family loves to do. Being able to stay in such a unique home full of history was truly the icing on the cake for this trip!

Jaime-Lynn Dyck
Design Your Home