Letter from the Editor

Fun Youth Activities

Our FamilyThe start of 2014 had brought us record breaking cold weather. With all the cold weather we appreciate the spring and summer months that much more. So start planning for the warmer weather. Sports can provide your children with physical (i.e. weight maintenance, coordination, fitness) and emotional (i.e. confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem) benefits.

We have enrolled our daughter in many different spring and summer activities. Brandon offers activities for all skill levels, age groups and to fit into any schedules you may be looking for. Here are just a few Youth Activities in Brandon Manitoba:

Westman Youth Rugby Association for ages 6-13. They develop the ABCs of Athleticism; Activity, Balance, Coordination, Speed. Check out their website at: for details.

Galaxy Sports Ages 4 to 6 are eligible to play. Contact info at

Objective is to introduce kids into the world of sport and the benefits of team work, social interaction, and physical activity.

Brandon Youth Soccer Association Kids and teens ages 4 to 18. Indoor or outdoor soccer for either recreationally or competitively in Brandon, MB.

Thunder Bowl ages 4 to 17. Classes are located at 2140 Currie Blvd, Brandon, MB.

Sportsplex for Tot with parent and 3 years and up. Classes are at 30 Knowlton Dr Brandon, MB (204) 729-2470. Check out this websites for more details and more activities:

Talk to people in your local community for what programs are available to you.

If you need support, KidSport is national charity administered by Sport Manitoba that helps to remove barriers and assist less fortunate children participate in sport – so all kids can play.

See For More Information Contact KidSport Manitoba at 1-866-774-2220 or email your regional office.

Stewart Dyck
Publishing Editor,
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