Letter from the Editor

This past year, though our schedule was full, we took the time to give back to our community. Volunteering is a great way to actively participate in your community, engage with passionate individuals and witness the positive, collective efforts that can inspire you.

This past Spring, we lent a hand at the Fierce Female Hockey camp in Brandon. Fierce Female Hockey is a social enterprise that develops and delivers female-focused hockey programming to its young skaters. It creates a safe and engaging space for females in hockey to learn, grow and connect with their community.  The program was nothing I have ever seen and was truly inspirational and honored to help out. We had our daughter help out this year as well. We have instilled the importance of community and giving back to her and this was a perfect organization for her, as a hockey player to give back.

Habitat for Humanity is very close to our hearts. I offer my time helping to organize their Designer Bag Bingo early in the year, and then get all sweaty at the Woman Builds in the summer. I truly believe in everything this organization offers to homeowners and like to give back what I can to help them.

Communities that grow and develop cohesively, are built on a solid base of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering your time, look for an organization with similar interests as yours. Many sports organizations look for volunteers, as well as schools, senior homes, and food banks. Giving an hour or two of your time may not seem like much but for these organizations, it’s the building block to their success.                                     

Jaime-Lynn Dyck