Letter from the Editor

What a great year we had, bringing Design Your Home to Western Manitoba. We star ted with a simple concept; bring informational articles and great local businesses to help make your house a home. Our goal is to use local talent to bring you our FREE publication, in order to help with your house, cottage, apar tment or condo needs. We had expanded that concept with introducing a “Featured Business” article that would put focus on a business that had invested time or money to improve their image. We also introduced a Lifestyle section that gave us the ability to share great wine tips, pet care, local activity, and safety advice.

About the Magazine
Design Your Home magazine was created and designed by Jaime-Lynn Dyck and myself. Each issue we showcase articles about the home, from the interior to the exterior. We hoped to help you find local ideas, products and companies that will help you make your living space your home! We have brought together a team of local individuals and businesses to bring you this magazine. Jaime-Lynn Dyck, Marketing and Sales Manager, Scott Kasprick of Reaxion Graphics, Leech Printing and many other local freelance writers and photographers.

Where Are We a Year Later?
Since we launch in September 2012, Design Your Home has produced over 63,000 copies, been delivered to over 50,000 homes and displayed over 13,000 magazines across Western Manitoba. Design Your Home has also been active on the social networks like Twitter (design_yourhome), Facebook and Pinterest.

What Next?
Design Your Home is excited about the upcoming collaborations with Leech Printing. They will be able to take us to the next chapter, producing a high quality magazine.

Thank You
Thank you to everyone that supports Design Your Home magazine and for your continued support. We could not have made it this far without all of you!!!

A special thanks to Colleen White, for helping me produce correct, consistent, and accurate articles. You made my job so much easier.

Stewart Dyck
Publishing Editor,
Design Your Home