Letter from the Editor

2Wow, summer is finally here! Now we have to take advantage of the long, warm, sunny days. July and August is a great time to catch up with neighbours, start or finish landscaping projects, and visit with family/friend around a crackling fire.

I have a few tricks to keep me active during the summer months, especially when it is almost too hot to go outside. I restrict myself to one hour of television a day (except for sporting events). I join local sport teams like the Ultimate Frisbee league and the Men’s Barbarians Rugby club. We enroll our daughter in sports teams as well. I get out to the Brandon Chamber events and mingle with other business people in my area.

When I do have free time I try to remember what I used to do as a child and instill that attitude into my daughter. If you were like me you would bike to the park, play at the local pool, play sports, and hang out with friends. So I make every attempt to go outside with my daughter to kick the ball, throw the frisbee, play in the sprinkler and go for long bike rides.

One final trick I will share with you, when you are tired, hot, mosquito bitten, and don’t have any motivation to go outside just look at the picture below and remember it is only a few months away.

Stewart Dyck
Publishing Editor,
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