Living Well At Home

One of the top items new home owners look for is natural light.  Who wouldn’t want a bright house?  Sun light is known for it’s Vitamin D and Mood Boosting benefits, right! 

As much as natural light is enjoyable, it can also cause issues.  Added heat in the summer, fading of natural wood and fabrics on your furniture and rugs, and glare on televisions and computer screens.  The team at Budget Blinds will help you enjoy the beauty of natural light in your home, while controlling it at the same time. 

“We saw an increase in calls from customers working from home this year,” says Sue Swarbrick, owner of Budget Blinds of Southwest Manitoba and Budget Blinds of Southeast Manitoba.  Using your home in a new way, such as working from home, makes you see your space in a whole new light.  Your needs may change and Sue and her team are there to help you identify them in ways to help you live well at home.  Your home office might be in a separate room, or it might be at the kitchen table, but many did not think about their windows when checking off what they needed to work from home.  Internet..check, desk…check…window covering??  Until you sat down and started working, you didn’t realize the glare the sun is putting on your computer because you never worked at your kitchen table from 8am-5pm, 5 days a week. 

When talking with the professionals at Budget Blinds, you will begin to understand all the different options available to you.  What works best in your home and your lifestyle.  They will walk you through the difference between roller and cellular shades, and go over the opacity levels (transparency) of each.  You don’t want to lose the natural light in your home, you just want to control it.  Having a blind like a cellular or roller gives you the ability to filter the sunlight from sheer to blackout without obstructing your window when you don’t require it.  Blinds like honey-comb top down, bottom up, give you the ability to control where the light comes through that window throughout the day.  You can have privacy at the bottom, while still enjoying the light at the top.

Trend Alert for 2021 is drapery!  From sheer, to patterns, to big bold colours, they are back.  You can pair your window with a drapery alone or add it to an existing shade or blind.  Homes are full of hard surfaces; tile, wood, metal, glass.  The addition of drapery in your living space can be a statement and functional at the same time.  Sue says that many of her customers who have installed drapery lately have said, “I can’t believe I waited so long!”   The addition of a drapery softens our homes, can be decorative or functional and really play to our personality. 

Reach out to Sue and her team for a no obligation home consultation.  Let them help you make your living space suit your needs today. – DYH