Moving a Building?

When it comes to moving a house or building, it is best to use the services of a reputable building mover and other professionals.  There are many steps in moving a building along roads and highways that you may not be aware of and your mover will walk you through it.  From using the proper equipment to getting all the permits, your professional building mover will take care of it all.

Did you know that there are restrictions on when you can move a building down a road or highway?  There are certain times of the day and days in the year that a building can be moved.  Spring weight restrictions are put in place to help prevent excessive damage to the roads, which will cost money and create delays with construction for everyone. Your building mover will have all the notifications on road restrictions and the proper permits requires to move your building with ease. 

Lining up all your professionals is best, but before they go to work, you will need to have the property prepared and foundation ready for the arrival of your building.  Having all your professionals work together will ensure everyone is on the same page and make the project run smoothly. 

A professional electrician and plumber will also be required when disconnecting a previous building and reconnecting on the new site. If you are moving an existing building on site, your electrician and plumber will need to come in and disconnect the home from hydro, water and sewer.  Before moving your existing or new building onto its foundation you will once again need to make sure someone professional comes out and has all the connections ready to get your home or building on site.

Doing your research ahead of time will ensure a smooth process from start to finish.  If you have a house or building you are looking to buy or move, call a professional today and go over the steps with them as you start this exciting process!  – DYH