My Idiah: A Garden with Personality!

Every year, many of us pull out our pots and get ready for planting season. Have you ever thought about using items from around your home to display your beautiful blossoming buds? Here are some ideas to help get your creativity flowing in your garden!

A tipsy garden pot display (top right) is an interesting way to display different varieties of your blooms or even herbs. To make this, you will need several different sizes of clay pots with the hole in the bottom, and a piece of rebar. Place your largest pot on the ground where you want to display it and drive the rebar in the ground about a foot, through the hole in the center of the pot. Fill with soil and then place your next pot through the hole, but tilt the pot to the side, so the rebar is against the side of the pot at the top; continuing doing this all the way up your rebar. After placing a few pots, you can keep with the same size, and don’t necessarily need to go smaller. Feel free to search online for instructions and videos.

Using an old bird cage to grow herbs or plants that vine out, will definitely be a show stopper hanging from a tree or post in your garden. Cover the bottom with landscape fabric before arranging your soil and plants. Make sure you water frequently as the soil with dry up faster in this container.

I love re-using objects around the home or garage that I no longer use. For this planter I used a kettle I no longer needed. You may also like to use an old tool box, picnic basket, crate, pot or vase.

Add some whimsy to your garden with little bird baths made out of tea cups! For this project, you will need a diamond drill bit to make a hole in the cup and saucer, and then fasten to a rod or dowel with a screw.

Fairy gardens are also a fun little addition to your garden. You can either create one right in your garden or use a container so you can enjoy it inside as well. We created ours out of a chip and dip serving platter. We used the smaller dip bowl as our pond, filled it with rocks and placed a bridge over it. Fill your container with plants and soil and then start playing! We included some figurines, rocks and shells. Don’t forget sand, pine cones, and any other small objects you desire. Figurines and accessories can be picked up at your local gardening centre.

How about re-using a pair of shoes in the garden! I’m not necessarily referring to your old pair of running shoes, but how about an old pair of skates, work boots or rubber boots. We used a wooden pair of decorative shoes as a feature in this garden.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to give your garden a little personality this year! Happy Gardening!