My Idiah: Chalk Paint

Chalk paint has always been something I wanted to try. But did you know you can make your own chalk paint in any colour too! It is simple, and works just as good as the store bought product.

Chalk Paint RecipeScreen Shot 2014-06-24 at 5.33.18 PM
(medium sized project)

Stir together until they are mixed completely and paint! I preferred to apply 2 coats of paint, making sure each coat dries completely. Slate your new chalk board by running chalk over it (on its side) and covering the whole board. Clean off and now it’s ready to use!

Some fun things to paint with chalk paint:

Chalk boards are not only great for kids, but perfect for making lists, writing notes or messages and labelling jars.

Note: I tested both store bought (black) and home made (blue) chalk paint and was happy with both!
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 5.33.26 PM