My IDIAH: Curb Appeal

Painting your exterior door might be out of necessity (like for us) or it might just be, because you want to add some curb appeal to your home. For either reason, if you take time to follow the extra steps to prep your door, the process will be a lot more successful!

Before you start your project, take a trip to the paint store and look at paint chip samples you like. Talk to the people who work there, as they are always full of useful information! Once you pick out your paint colour, pick up the proper paint brushes for your project as well. For painting doors, I like a medium sized brush with a tapered end, so I can get a clean edge when I need it. Be sure you buy the proper paint for the job as well. For my project, I purchased an exterior paint with a semi gloss finish and make sure you don’t forget the primer!

Step 1: Start by cleaning your door. You can do this with a pressure washer, if you feel it requires it, but simply washing it down is fine too.

Step 2: Use sand paper / block to remove any rough edges from the wood or from old paint that is chipping away. You will want to start with a smooth surface! Wipe down your door with a damp rag once you are finished any sanding.

Step 3: Tape out any windows, hinges, lock or door handles you want to protect from the paint.

Step 4: Prime the door! Primer helps seal the pores of unpainted surfaces and prevent colour from bleeding through if the surface was previously painted. It also provides a surface for the paint to stick to and will keep your colour true. Make sure you give yourself several hours before you apply your first coat of paint after the primer.

Step 5: First coat of paint! This is the exciting step, you finally start seeing a transformation in your door! Take the time to paint on smooth coats. While I paint,
I constantly look over what I just did to make sure there are no paint drips in grooves and that I have painted the surface consistently. This will show through in the finish once the paint has dried. Again, wait several hours before applying your second coat.

Step 6: Apply your second coat of paint. You may think one coat is fine, but to get
a consistent and true colour match, you will want to apply a second coat. Especially if you are going with a darker tone. Same rules apply with step 5.

Step 7: Apply a third coat if you feel you need to, but it is usually not necessary.
Let your paint dry a few hours, then remove the tape and enjoy your freshly painted door!

Another tip to follow, is if your door is in direct sunlight, wait until later in the day to paint or on a cloudy day. Painting in the direct sunlight will cause the paint to dry faster and will cause issues with your project.

This is an easy, one day project, that will boost the curb appeal on your home!

Written and Photos
By Jaime-Lynn Dyck