My Idiah: Herb Appeal

It’s that time of year, we start itching to be outside and for us, gardening! As it is not warm enough to be doing that quite yet, we started some of our plants inside this year.

This is one of my favourite activities I like to do with my daughter. She loves to plant seeds and watch them grow! The excitement continues in our home from seeing the first plants starting to spout, to enjoying them in our kitchen as we prepare our meals.

herbs in containerFor me, I not only enjoy using herbs, but looking for the perfect container to plant them in, is just as much fun for me! This year, I chose a galvanized chicken feeder and my daughter chose a chicken water dish to plant our seeds. I love all the different sections these containers have, in which we can plant our different herb seeds in. Feel free to plant starter plants from the nursery as well! Other fun containers you can plant your herbs in are matching pots, tea cups, sealers, larger planters with multiple herbs all together…let your imagination run wild!

Herbs can be used in many ways. You can cook with them,   make a tea or beverages, use them for healing properties, or to infuse olive oils to name a few. I use mine mostly in cooking. When I plant my herbs in containerherbs, I like to plant a variety of herbs I use and ones I want to try for the first time. Even if you don’t use them, they are a beautiful plant, some flower and even keep away bugs from your patio, you can’t go wrong!

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Preserving Your Herbs

Drying your herbs is a great way to preserve them. You can gather a bunch, tie them with some string and hang them to dry or lay them on a flat surface until they have dried out. Then store them in an air tight container and continue to use them as needed.

Freezing your herbs in olive oil is another great way to preserve them. Use ice cube trays and fill with your fresh herbs then drizzle in olive oil; place in freezer to harden. By freezing your herbs in oil, you can help to prevent herbs hanging to drybrowning or freezer burn. Once your cubes are frozen, you can store them in freezer bags in the freezer and use them as needed. This method is great for hard herbs you would use in cooking and stews where you would be adding some oil anyways.