My Idiah: Repurposing Toilet Paper Rolls!

Toilet paper rolls have a great use, but why not use them to make something useful after you are done with them!

The #1 way in which people re-use their empty TP rolls is using them in a Craft but we have come up with a handful of other ways you may find them useful.

Tp rolls with an old box or basket can help organize your work station.  Line the bottom of your box or basket with your tp rolls and use each section for organizing your desk or craft area.  We filled ours with markers, crayons, pencil crayons, scissors, glue sticks and ink blotters!

Long cords getting in your way?  Fold up the cord and tuck neatly into a roll!  You can do this for either small indoor extension cords or cords hanging from small appliances or electronics around the house.
Here is a fun little decoration you can make for Christmas to hang on the tree or off a present.  Push your roll flat and cut it into 6 equal pieces.  Next, glue all the pieces together one at a time at one end and finish with some fake berries in the middle.  Tie a piece of ribbon or twine to the end to put it in place.

Have you ever used a TP roll to wrap a small gift?  Here are 3 nifty little ways to decorate up a roll into a pretty little present.  Use the roll to make a party popper.  Simply wrap the roll in wrapping paper and finish with cellophane and ribbons on the ends.  Another way is to fold the top and bottom part of the end into itself to create a closure.  Do the same thing to the other side.  Then decorate up your gift with paper and tie with a ribbon.  The last one, you will need a sewing machine.  Lay the tp roll flat and sew one end.  Make sure you put your gift in the roll at this point, as you are now about to sew close the opposite end!  Either keep it flat and sew the other end the same way, or do what we did and sew it the opposite way to create a different effect!  We put a hold punch through the roll on one end to attach the ribbon or a name card.

After you are done using your wrapping paper on other gifts, cut a TP roll and place around your roll to hold your paper in place!  We found this worked best on larger rolls of wrapping paper.

Our last use of toilet paper rolls is an advent calendar for the kids in your home.  We cut each roll in half and then glued tissue paper to the top of each roll.  After that, number them 1-25 and arranged them in no particular order in rows of 5.  Get out your glue gun and now attach them all together.  Stand up your rolls, as they are all attached together now, and fill with treats, candies, little toys, erasers or small crafting supplies, anything your child would love.  Now place a piece of cardboard behind the open end of the rolls so nothing falls out and glue it to the cardboard using a hot glue gun.  Make sure it is secure and now you have your advent calendar.  Your child will love breaking through the tissue to find their prize each day leading up to Christmas!

If you have any fun ways to use your tp rolls, please share them with us on our facebook page!