On The Move

Moving a large structure can seem like an impossible task, but that is not the case when you hire professionals like CNC Building Movers.  From homes and sheds to barns and garages, it can be moved!

When hiring a building mover, it is best to reach out 3 months before the move is to happen.  This gives the company time to research the project.  They will need to know the type of building, accessibility to the building and they will look into each location and distance in between.  The move is not as simple as point A to point B, there are usually obstacles along the way such as bridges, narrow roads and hydro lines.  Moving a building is a big job and an experienced company will take the time to discuss the move with you and give you a quote based on the job start to finish.  Your mover will customize the project and sometimes the equipment specifically to you, as every building move is unique.

Typically, when moving a home, your mover will insert steel beams under the home to lift and move it.  CNC Building Movers use air ride suspension axles and dollies.  This provides smooth lifting, loading and unloading capabilities in order to give your building or home a safe ride. Using air ride suspension is so smooth, you can keep appliance and building materials inside the structure you are moving and they will not get disturbed.  When hiring a building mover, make sure they are licensed and insured.  This will give you peace of mind during your move.

The popularity of Ready to Move (RTM) homes has not slowed down.  Customers are realizing that they can get everything in an RTM as they would in an on-site build.  RTM homes are customizable, energy efficient and can be built to suit your families needs.  Emjay Homes, centrally located in Austin, Manitoba, has been in business for 10 years, though their experience in building RTMs far surpasses that.  They have an array of floor plans their customers can look through from cabins to homes.  The experienced contractors at Emjay Homes are there to work with you and make every home they build unique to their customer.  The quality and craftmanship shines through in their builds.

When moving an RTM, keep in mind that the building move, new foundation, permits and utility hook ups are the home owners’ responsibility.  Your RTM builder and building mover are a wealth of information and work with many of these trades everyday.  Talk to them about the process and they can give you some recommendations.  If you are moving an existing home, you will have to disconnect the utilities (hydro, gas, water, sewer) at the location before it is moved, as well as set up at the new location.  When you move an existing home currently on a lot, you may have to remove trees or landscaping in order to lift the home and remove it.  This is also the case when you are building the foundation for the home you are moving; the mover will need plenty of room to get it into place safely on the foundation.

Working with experienced businesses like CNC Building Movers and Emjay Homes will make the process go smoothly for you.  Contact them today if you have any questions. – DYH