On Trend

Light-coloured wood cabinets have become a popular trend in modern home décor, particularly in the kitchen. The natural look of light-coloured wood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for any home.

This trend has gained immense popularity in recent years and continues to be a favourite choice among homeowners.

Though Refreshed + Refurbished is known for its beautifully painted cabinetry, they have recently worked on several projects where they sand and strip cabinets down to their natural wood state. “Every job will be different”, says Kailan Dreolini of Refreshed + Refurbished, “you won’t know exactly what the outcome will be and you will have to work with it along the way.” Being patient with the process and preparing for changes as you go, is what Kailan has had to do.

On her latest project, the client wanted the current stain removed and refinished in a lighter stain. Once the cabinets were prepped, the client really liked the look of the natural wood on the maple cabinets and they opted to finish them in a clear coat for protection while keeping the natural wood tone. Many kitchens are not 100% solid wood and will have some particle board. The particle board will not take the stain and have the same look as solid wood, so Kailan works with her clients to find what option they like best to finish the project. In this kitchen, they paint matched the shade of wood to keep a seamless look throughout.

When updating your kitchen there are many easy, inexpensive ways that make a big impact. In this kitchen, Kailan removed the crossbars in the glass cabinet door for a more fresh, modern look. As well, changing out the hardware in your kitchen can really finish off the new, updated look you are wanting. Gold, copper, silver, and black hardware all look aesthetically pleasing with light-coloured wood which makes it another great reason for choosing it.

No matter if you are stripping and staining or painting your cabinetry, working with experienced businesses like Kailan at Refreshed + Refurbished is a must. The knowledge and experience will help you make the right decision in creating a new look in your space.