Perfect Pantry (for me!)

When planning the design of our new home, we definitely could not overlook the kitchen. One of my favourite features of our custom kitchen is the pantry! It’s hard to believe something like a pantry can make me smile when I walk in…but it does!

When building something custom and unique in your home, create it to suit your needs and lifestyle. You will not regret it, and it should make things easier for you. I love that when I walk into our pantry, everything is laid out neatly and organized. I no longer have to go to my basement to fetch a large platter or extra bulk food I purchased; it is all there!

I want to share with you a few ideas I had, that you can implement in your kitchen or pantry. After we installed the wire shelves, I bought several wire under shelf units to put produce and extra items. These units hook on better to wood shelving, but all I did was loop a zip tie onto the back and attach it to the shelf it was hanging from to keep it level.

Another great organizational item I added were plastic sponge holders you find at the dollar store. I removed the suction cups from the back and screwed them into the wall (could work inside a cabinet as well). These were perfect for the dip and sauce packets I have. The side section was perfect to hold the chalk for my chalk wall as well!

I love the chalk wall I painted in the pantry. I framed it out in matching trim to my cabinetry to give it a more finished look. Our whole family likes to use the chalk wall for our shopping list, notes to each other or just to draw on!

I ordered a custom decal from VM Designs in Rivers for a fun, yet functional addition to my pantry. Why not customize something in your space to make it extra special for you! I loved the measurement conversion chart for the pantry and feel it is very practical, as I like to bake a lot and this will come in handy!

For an added bonus, we installed a motion sensor light switch for this room. It is very convenient to not have to turn the light on and off when we pop in to grab something, and we conserve energy as we are not leaving the light on too long.

When customizing you space, think about the needs of you and your family. With careful research and design, you can create a space your very own as well!